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  1. The quickest way to add a TouchPoint is right from your WordPress Dashboard. Here, the Quick Add TouchPoint Dashlet provides the most commonly used fields. (If you need the more detailed options, go to the People Dashboard.)

  2. Quick add.png2. The second way of adding a TouchPoint is to go into the  People Dashboard, and click on the name of the  Human or  Organization you want to add a TouchPoint to.

Click on name.png

3. It might save time to search for the name, using the  search box.

Search Human.png

4. Click on the  Add TouchPoints button.

Add Touchpoint.png

5. Select what type of TouchPoint you are scheduling.

Select Touchpoint Type.png

6. Enter a description.


7. Select a  Start Date.

Enter Date.png

8. Add a  Start Time.

Start time.png

9. If needed, add an  End Date and Time. (However, notice that these are not required fields.)

10. Choose the  Status of the item.


11. Add extra details or upload a file as desired. Then  Assign this task to someone on your team.


12. Scroll up and click on  Create.


13. Your TouchPoint assignment will be saved and appear at the top of your screen.

Saved Touchpoint.png

14. If you notice that you need to change something, just scroll down from here, make the changes, and click  Update.

15. If you have already left this screen and want to change something, just go to the  People or TouchPoints Dashboard and Open the TouchPoint to edit it.


16. Once a TouchPoint has been completed, go to the  Status field and mark it Complete. Or use the Cancel status. (Notice on the TouchPoints list, jobs that have been canceled show no status at all. Completed jobs have a check mark. Pending jobs show a clock.)

Status Types.png

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