Gravity Forms - Create Feed to Get New Contacts into UkuuPeople

Step 1: Make sure both Gravity Forms and UkuuPeople Gravity Forms Add-on are installed.

Step 2: Create your form fields in Gravity Forms and save.

Step 3: Create a People Feed.

In  Form Settings select UkuuPeople Add-On > Add New.

A. Name your feed.

B. Select the feed type. First let's choose People so we can map the contact information to a contact in your People.

C. Choose a Tribe, if you want.

D. Now we can map the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields we created in our Gravity Form (shown on right) with the corresponding UkuuPeople fields (on left). 

When you click  Update Settings your Gravity Form will be connected to UkuuPeople. Meaning if someone uses your form to enter their First Name, Last Name and Email into the form you created in Gravity Forms, this data will also be recorded in UkuuPeople as a new Human.

Here's the contact record that's automatically created in UkuuPeople from this form.

“Everything you need to know about your humans in one spot.”

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